Have you ever felt like throwing that phone on your desk out of the window because it just will not stop ringing or to put a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign of your office door because everybody just quickly wants to pop in and ask you something!! And all the while you just need to get an important report written, but you’re not getting anywhere! At The Gift and The Blessing we have the solution – bring your laptop along and come and sit in the tranquil atmosphere on the veranda or even in the garden for an hour or so and finish writing your report without any disturbances, while enjoying a cup of coffee and a snack.

Similarly host your EXCO meetings or other business meetings in the conference room or even in the garden at The Gift and The Blessing where all the attendees of the meeting will be more relaxed in the peaceful surroundings and they will be able to contribute much more positively and come up with great creative solutions to all the challenges that a company faces today.  

If you feel like rewarding your management team after the meeting we can arrange that the very friendly and efficient staff of Calla Lily  Day Spa treat them to a relaxing shoulder and neck massage.

Let us take care of you, while you take care of your business. 

The Gift and The Blessing offers a small air-conditioned conference / boardroom equipped with a proxima projector, white board, flip charts and comfortable padded swivel and rolling chairs.  The room seats twenty people – boardroom style seating. Stationary for the conferees can be provided upon prior special arrangement.